Excellent presentation about automating and improving Nagios in Etsy

Etsy has a great presentation how to improve and extend Nagios functionality by adding configuration automation and reminders to the team:

  • Automate Nagios configuration using a CM tool like Chef, Puppet, SaltStack, Ansible etc.
  • Use Jenkins to test configuration before applying on production Nagios using Etsy’s Trylib.
  • Update Nagios email alerts to look better:
    Better Nagios email alertNagios Better email Alert 2
  • Create graphs of Nagios checks performance
  • Notify all operations team about service or host acknowledgement via chat messageĀ and by who
  • Acknowledgements and downtimes:
    • Auto expire after a predefined time
    • Remind the user that set the acknowledge or downtime that it will expire via email message.

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