How to copy application and its data to a new Android phone without rooting your phone

If you got a new Android phone and would like to move applications and their data to it from your old Android phone, the Helium app available on the Google Play Store is the best for this job.


  1. Download and install Helium from Google Play Store on both: the old and new phones.
  2. In order to enable the free version of Helium you will need also to install the Carbon Desktop application to your PC, and connect the phone to the PC via a USB cable. You will also need to turn on the developer mode on the phone.
  3. On the old phone, click on the “Backup” tab of Helium, and select the applications and their data that you would like to transfer to the new phone.
  4. Select to save the backup to the old phone’s┬ástorage card.
  5. Helium will save the backups into the /carbon folder in your old phone.
  6. Copy the /carbon folder from your old phone to your PC
  7. Copy the carbon folder from your PC to the new phone. It should be saved under the root folder of your new phone.
  8. Run Helium on your new phone (you will need to enable developer mode and connect it to your PC – see #2 above).
  9. Click on Helium’s “Restore” tab, and select the applications and their data that you would like to restore.
  10. Done!

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