Supporting SLA for customer support and service tickets in JIRA

My team is using JIRA for handling service and customer issues using JIRA’s Kanban board. One of the features that we have been missing is a clear view of tickets that were not handles updated for a period of time, defined by our SLA.

This is where the venerable Script Runner JIRA plugin comes to the resuce with its Escalation Service feature:


  • Define a job in JIRA Admin -> Script Runner -> Built In Scripts -> Escalation Service that will run a JQL query on a daily basis, and take an action on each of the issues that have been returned by the query.
    The query can check if the status of the issue hasn’t changed since the last 2 days (read here about JQL tips)
  • Set the action of the escalation service to change a custom field in the issue returned by the JQL to mark the ticket as “Escalated”.
  • Add in the Kanban board Card Colours configuration which will color the escalated tickets with a prominent color (for example red).

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