StatsD: Metrics collector

Statsd is a system for collecting system and application metrics from your servers, and make the information available over the network.

Written in: Javascript, running using Node.js.


StatsdĀ runs as a daemon on the server that data need to be collected from, and can send the data to various receptors (backend services) such as Graphite using plugins.

Statsd can receive metrics from applications using UDP or TCP connections.

Collects information from

  • OS (RAM, disk, network, CPU load, etc)
  • Applications via plugins (such as Apache, Redis)
  • Applications by sending the metrics to collectd using HTTP REST request.
  • Statsd plugin – this plugin provides the same functionality as statsd. Applications can send their metrics to this plugin.
  • Network plugin – this plugin receives metrics from other collectd daemons.

Optionally sends metrics to

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