Managing DevOps using Agile Methodologies

Sources about managing DevOps and operations teams:


Scrum for Operations: Just Add DevOps


List of additional excellent articles about agile and DevOps here:


A good article about how to manage a DevOps team using JIRA, taking into account planned project work and unplanned work such as production issues.

  • Each SaaS service is a project in JIRA
  • High level roadmap managed using a spreadsheet. Each item correlates to an epic in JIRA.
  • Every active service is being handled by a team. A team can own and handle multiple services.
  • Each team had a Scrum board in JIRA which lists the items for the services it owns.
  • Planned work is being managed via JIRA scrum board.
  • Planned work is schedule for 40% of the time.
  • Unplanned work (such as production issues) – is managed by a separate Kanban  board in JIRA which is used for expedited items:
    • Only high priority issues to this Kanban board
    • Any other item goes to the planned work Scrum board backlog and scheduled appropriately.
  • A third agile board is used on the daily standup meetings where it listed all items (planned and unplanned) for all services, with a swimlane for each team member.

Knowledge management:

  • Keep a registry of all services, with information about the service, such as architecture, firewall rules, servers, procedures, responsibilities, etc.
  • To become a Subject Matter Experts (SME) for a service, the existing SMEs need to sign off that person has the knowledge to become one, to make architecture changes, deploy, troubelshoot etc.
  • The rating or experience of a team member (= earning) is measured by how many services he is a SME.
  • All of the above is done to discourage a situation where only one person is SME for a service.


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